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CorText Newsfeed launched one year ago, and this second edition comes with many novelties!

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Lionel Villard & CorText team

The RISIS Patents Database (RPD) is open to visitors, see the RISIS2 H2020 applicant page ( We have also published its documentation.

SASHIMI, a new suite of methods in Cortext Manager, detects clusters of documents, of words, and of metadata from your corpora using state-of-the-art nonparametric Bayesian statistics and provides interactive maps to explore the relationships between them. It is also fully documented.

Screen capture of a domain-topic map

The Network Mapping script in CorText Manager now lets you adjust the size of clusters through the resolution parameter when using Louvain community detection.

The following scripts will now output or use TSV files to manipulate textual resources (e.g. terms list, dictionary), distinguishing them from most results with numerical data (which keep the CSV format):

This change only affects the file format — the meaning of columns remain the same.

Want to improve your skills with CorText Manager? Have a look at our Training Materials section! More content coming soon.

2020 was the strangest year. As the world moved to the slow lane, you kept publishing valuable research making use of Cortext Manager, in fact, more than ever. The variety of contexts where its outputs have been useful for you is impressive. To show our recognition, we have completely revamped our page listing your works, which is now intended to be exhaustive, with some useful filters and highlights. See below a selection of published works from 2020, and let us know if we’re still missing yours!

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