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First, we hope that you are doing well, as well as your colleagues and your relatives.
If you receive this email it means you have interacted with us. This may have occurred in different contexts: research projects, during training sessions, with our web interfaces or datasets etc. We are grateful for having those exchanges; they are valuable experiences and have driven our development in many ways.
The current health crisis leads us to change our practices. While almost half of the inhabitants of the Earth have had to stay home, we have decided to strengthen our ties with you. Providing useful tools, data, methods or algorithms, has been one of the main goals of CorText Team. Therefore, we create the CorText Newsfeed to put emphasis on some of our recent activities. We want it to be simple and fast reading so you would be able to pick relevant information for your own work.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Lionel Villard

CorText Newsfeed Highlights from CorTexT

CorText Manager’s new features and enhancements

· Edit labels from your network maps, and other visualizations, directly in CorText Manager. Find these Easter eggs spread in the web interface!

· You have addresses in a dataset? We are able to locate addresses across the world with the CorText Geocoding engine.

· Explore the spatial distribution of geographical coordinates across urban and rural areas, and make choropleth map with CorText Geospatial Exploration tool.

· Named Entity Recognition in CorText Manager runs now twice faster.

Scientific works

Your published works that have used CorText Manager have been promoted in the publications web page (feel free to send us updates or recent studies). See below a selection of scientific publications, reports or blog pages, from 2019:

Fabo, Pablo Ruiz; Poibeau, Thierry

Mapping the Bentham Corpus: Concept-based Navigation


Tancoigne, Élise ; Baudry, Jérôme

La tête dans les étoiles ? Faire sens de l’engagement dans le projet de science participative SETI@home


Loconto, Allison; Desquilbet, Marion; Moreau, Théo; Couvet, Denis; Dorin, Bruno

The land sparing – land sharing controversy: Tracing the politics of knowledge


Struck-Kachani, Alexandra

Familles et Trouble du spectre de l'autisme


Loconto, Allison; Silva-Castañeda, Laura; Arnold, Nadine; Jimenez, Alejandra

Participatory Analysis of the Use and Impact of the Fairtrade Premium


Thorsen, Ann-Sofie; Kamstrup, Jeppe; de Neergaard, Rasmus; van den Heuvel., Johannes

Mapping Controversies: Abortion Debate (Wikipedia & arenas for debate)


Perruchas, François Denis Xavier

Green Innovation: an empirical analysis of technology, skills and policy

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