A state-of-the-art review of biowaste biorefinery

Aristotle T. Ubando, Aaron Jules R. Del Rosario, Wei-Hsin Chen, Alvin B. Culaba: A state-of-the-art review of biowaste biorefinery. In: Environmental Pollution, 2020.


Biorefineries provide a platform for different industries to produce multiple bio-products enhancing the economic value of the system. The production of these biorefineries has led to an increase in the gen- eration of biowaste. To minimize the risk of environmental pollution, numerous studies have focused on a variety of strategies to mitigate these concerns reflected in the vast amount of literature written on this topic. This paper aims to systematically analyze and review the enormous body of scientific literature in the biowaste and biorefinery field for establishing an understanding and providing a direction for future works. A bibliometric analysis is first performed using the CorTexT Manager platform on a corpus of 1488 articles written on the topic of biowaste. Popular and emerging topics are determined using a terms extraction algorithm. A contingency matrix is then created to study the correlation of scientific journals and key topics from this field. Then, the connection and evolution of these terms were analyzed using network mapping, to determine relationships among key terms and analyze notable trends in this research field. Finally, a critical review of articles was presented across three main categories of biowaste management such as mitigation, sustainable utilization, and cleaner disposal from the perspective of the biorefinery concept. Operational and technological challenges are identified for the integration of anaerobic digestion in biorefineries, especially in developing nations. Moreover, logistical challenges in the biorefinery supply-chain are established based on the economics and collection aspect of handling biowaste.

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