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We promote advanced qualitative-quantitative mixed methods, empowering researchers in the social sciences and humanities. Our primary focus is on studies about the dynamics of science, technology and innovation, and about the roles of knowledge and expertise in societies. Cortext is hosted by the LISIS research unit at Gustave Eiffel University, and was launched by French institutes IFRIS and INRAE, receiving their continued support.

At Cortext, we understand that the move towards digital humanities and computational methods doesn’t only address a technological gap for the social sciences, but entails entirely new assemblages between its disciplines and those of modern statistics and computer sciences. We work to tackle ever more complex research problems, and deal with the profusion of new and diverse sources of information, without losing sight of the situatedness and reflexivity required of studies of human societies.

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Miara, M.; Boudes, P.; Rabier, T.; Gafsi, M.

Animal traction in developed countries: The reappropriation of a past practice through agroecological transition Journal Article

In: Journal of Rural Studies, vol. 103, pp. 103124, 2023, ISSN: 0743-0167.

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Veng, Adam; Papazu, Irina; Ejsing, Mads

Is Denmark a green entrepreneurial state? Mapping Danish climate politics between civic mobilization and business cooptation Journal Article

In: STS Encounters, vol. 15, pp. 1-45, 2023, ISSN: 1904-4372.

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Huang, Wenbin; Liu, Shibin; Zhang, Tao; Wu, Hao; Pu, Shengyan

Bibliometric analysis and systematic review of electrochemical methods for environmental remediation Journal Article

In: Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2023, ISSN: 1001-0742.

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Monaci, Sara; Mazali, Tatiana; Persico, Simone

Smart working during the Covid19 pandemic in Italy: Twitter narratives in female-centered communities Journal Article

In: Mediascapes Journal, vol. 21, iss. 1, pp. 323–343, 2023, ISSN: 2282-2542.

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380 entries « 1 of 95 »
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