Presenting data collection methods at the OpenAlex user meeting

Last week, Ale Abdo and Joenio Costa presented at the first ever OpenAlex User Conference a short talk entitled “Analysing OpenAlex data with Cortext”, highlighting the current and future ways in which Cortext Manager (CM) interoperates with OpenAlex data, namely:

  • CSV file: by choosing a CSV from OpenAlex, you can upload it to CM and parse it as corpus type ‘csv’ by setting “|” as the internal field separator.
  • Download from Api query: this will be available soon, and will let CM users drop an API query URL obtained from any OpenAlex search to directly work on the corresponding records
  • Enrich existing corpus: we will later introduce the ability to enrich an ad-hoc bibliographic corpus, where from the title of records, and optionally authors and year, we can enrich it with identifiers and all metadata available on OpenAlex

These features were first mentioned here, together with others underway, on the roadmap presented in Cortext 2024: getting better all the time. Keep an eye open, and we’ll update this post as soon as they’re available!