Cortext workshop at EACH-USP and presentation at IME-USP

On May 2024, Ale Abdo was at the University of São Paulo invited by two departments to talk about different aspects of Cortext.

On the 22nd, a workshop organized with professor Gisele Craveiro and doctoral student José Beluzo received students of the Public Policy graduate program of the School for Arts, Sciences and Humanities (EACH-USP). The students first learned about theoretical and know-how aspects involved in the analysis of bibliographic, heterogeneous and socio-semantic data, then went on to created their own corpora, using OpenAlex as a source, upload and treat it with Cortext Manger, and finally interpret the resulting tables and visualizations.

EACH-USP has published their own blog post about the workshop.

On the 23rd, with professor Paulo Meirelles of the Computer Science department at the Institute for Mathematics and Statistics (IME-USP), a workshop about research reproducibility using Guix and Software Heritage took place at the Imre Simon auditorium.

On the 24th, during the weekly seminar of the Software Systems group, Ale delivered a talk about the infrastructural challenges of Cortext, entitled “Transforming a mature research infrastructure for the social sciences in a free software project”.

A number of opportunities for collaboration were enumerated with both groups, and work is ongoing regarding future activities, with professor Meirelles possibly paying a short visit to Cortext in January 2025, and follow-up virtual workshops to be organized in partnership with professor Craveiro.

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