Cortext manager is the flagship project of cortext team. He is now fully opened for a new architecture.

Cortext Manager is now fully opened for a new architecture.

CorText manager is the core project of cortext team. It aims to solve a simple interaction problem between social scientists and methodologists of cortext team.

The basic workflow is as following :

  • upload raw files from various scientific bibliography databases (ISI Thomson Web of Science, Pubmed, etc) and simple CSV files
  • transform text files into standard corpus database file
  • perform a series of graphical analysis to produce :
    • descriptive statistical analysis
    • social graphs of entities
    • timeline based phylogenetic reconstructions
  • download outputs in format compatible with third party software.

Documentation accompanying scripts are open on a dedicated website.

For social scientists

We propose a set of large text analysis methods produced by our team of methodologists including mathematicians, computer scientists and linguists.

For methodologists

The service allows scientists to add functionalities to the cortext platform. The only entry point is the parametric input needed to perform analysis. Corpora storage is handled by cortext services.

The immediate benefits is both a sharing of resources and knowledge.