Anti-reflective coatings for photovoltaic module efficiency: A bibliometric review

Alistair V. Enhaynes, John Brian F. Anderson, Jerik Adrian V. Bayon: Anti-reflective coatings for photovoltaic module efficiency: A bibliometric review. De La Salle University (DLSU), Manila, 2023, (Bachelor of Science in Biology major in Medical Biology).


With a global call to mitigate climate change by adapting energy systems, renewable energy is on the rise. However, many nations, especially developing countries, have struggled to transition to renewable energy due to its hefty cost. Solar energy is one of the most prominent renewable energy sources and it is usually harvested by photovoltaic modules. Unfortunately, these photovoltaic modules experience optical losses due to the reflection of light. The researchers performed a bibliometric review on anti-reflective coatings to identify trends and relationships. The researchers used literature from the Scopus database and performed different scripts using the Cortext Manager tool. Through the different analyses done by the researchers, top journals, prominent terms, evolution of terms, leading countries, and author interconnections were determined. With this, the researchers have noted the current state and future directions of anti-reflective coatings, such as the development of multifunctional coatings, advanced light trapping mechanisms as well as advancements in its commercialization.

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