Covid-19: Pandemic and online social movements

A Covid-19 Data Sprint was organized by the D2SN Master of UGE.

On June 30th, 2020 was presented an analysis of how, during the lockdown, people continued to express their dissatisfaction through online social movements. This analysis is based on the study of Twitter hashtags during this period.

The study focuses on the evolution of recent social movements in France (yellow jackets, protests against retirement reforms, etc.) during the COVID-19 crisis in order to understand how these movements have evolved, especially online.

You can download the presentation.

Maya Anderson-Gonzáles, Martina Catte, Raissa Muadi, Aïcha Sow

Sous la direction de Annick Vignes et Sylvain Mignot et avec le soutien de Lionel Villard.