Research on Open Government Data Utilizationat Home and Abroad: Progress and Trends

Huang Ruhua, Huang Yuting, Li Ya: Research on Open Government Data Utilizationat Home and Abroad: Progress and Trends. In: vol. 43, iss. 4, no. 5-15, 2022.


[Purpose/significance] The Open Government Data (OGD) movement has stimulated the opening and sharing of government data significantly. Data use, reuse, distribution, and value creation, is the next vital step in the global OGD movement. Summarizing current research progress in OGD utilization would lay a foundation for follow-up re? search and provide theoretical support for future practice.
[Method/process] This paper intends to explore the development trends and future perspectives of OGD utilization research mainly based on research articles from both China and abroad. Grey literature (i.e., related government documents, meeting minutes, important institution/project reports)are also analyzed to demonstrate a more holistic scenario. First, the development trend and topic distribution of OGD utilization research are discussed. Then, this article clarifies Chinese and international research progress from three aspects of data value, data user and promotion method. Finally, recent research trend of OGD utilization is summarized and future research directions are prospected based on research results.
[Result/conclusion] This paper reveals three research tendencies in OGD utilization studies. First, previous OGD utilization study was driven by the supply side, while current study tends to motivated more by the demand side. Second, previous OGD utilization study was usually conducted from a macro viewpoint, while fine-grained research angle is more preferred currently. Third, research paid more attention on data usage in government departments in former studies, while research on the use of OGD by the public is increasing. Several research topics are worth researching in the future, namely OGD utilization value, diverse OGD users and solid support measures for OGD utilization. From China’s perspective, the angle and depth in OGD utilization research need to be further enhanced. Moreover, studies that reflect Chinese characteristics are essential for the improvement of the international level of China's OGD utilization research.

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