Joenio Marques da Costa
Research Software Engineer, Cortext
Joenio Marques da Costa is a Research Software Engineer (RSE) working at the LISIS laboratory as a Backend Developer for the CorTexT platform and the  Risis Core Facility (RCF) project, writing code to reach those projects goals and also, in a more general way, working to increase the sustainability level of the software projects developed by the laboratory.He has a long and wide experience in a variety of projects among public sector, private sector, third sector organizations and labour cooperatives – of which he founded one that has already been the object of studies, the free technologies cooperative Colivre.Also, Joenio has a strong relationship with free software communities, initiating and collaborating in many projects, including Debian, Noosfero, Doxygen, Analizo, CPAN, among others. In this context, Joenio has being very active organizing and participating in events, like Rails Girls, Django Girls, Debian conferences, Rails Summit, YAPC Perl conferences, among others free software
conferences.Joenio, completed his masters degree in 2017 on the subject of Sustainability of Academic Software,and besides his professional and research activities on software engineering he spends time  on experimentation combining art and technology, writing code that produces sound and visual results, through a technique of live coding.


Social networks


Areas of interest

  • * Software sustainability
  • * Academic software ecosystem
  • * Quality and software evolution
  • * Free software (FLOSS)
  • * Live coding



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