CorTexT introductory course in México – 16th October 2019

On Wednesday 16th October, will be held at the

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana – Azcapotzalco

the workshop :

Methods for digital humanities. Introduction to the automated text analysis with CorTexT platform

This meeting will be held on the request of a group of interested researchers

with the aim to explore potential uses of CorTexT platform in ongoing research projects.

  1. About digital methods. Some remarks.
  2. What is CorTexT ?
  3. Sources of data
  4. Text processing and organization
  5. Some first exercises
    a) Corpus building and terms extraction
    b) Text structure: network analysis
    c) Texts over time: period detector
    d) Text structure and its evolution over time: epic epoch

The course is coordinated by the

Permanent Internal Seminar on Social Impacts of Biotechnology

that takes place monthly in this institution.


Datapol EU Grenoble, June 2020