Programming research by the impacts of project collaborations

At the end of eight years of programming (2005-2013), the ANR (French National Research Agency) has initiated a reflection on the  impacts of three successive research programs in agronomic science (ADD / SYSTERRA / AGROBIOSPHERE). ANR has proposed the Inra-SenS unit and the CorTexT Platform to conduct an in depth-study of projects submitted and recipients of these programs. This study is first and foremost a characterization of epistemic dynamics and laboratories clustering based on the analysis of textual data from corpus of projects. To support such an analysis, a specific application has been design and developed to gather and organise information about project into a robust online content management system dedicated to the specificity of project description.

The objective  was to explore the impact of these programs in terms of
evolution of research themes and related structuring of research communities. It
corresponds to a growing interest of science policy studies for the analysis of impacts of science programmation through specific area of knowledge identification.


These three research programs have addressed the major issues of sustainable development
that had been underlined at the Rio Conference in 1992 are being addressed in a
the emerging governance of agriculture, food systems and environment as a component of the earth system. They correspond to the emergence of a field of research on agro-ecology at the crossroads of a political incentive and of an endogenous dynamics of different disciplinary communities.

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