Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Research: what about temperate agriculture?

CorTexT Plateform contributes to the TempAG Network for Global Food Security

CorTexT Platform has developed the TextDrill Project ( ) in order to delineate and analyse the corpus of Biodiversity Research with the contribution of Scientific Expert involved in the TempAg Initiative
Site web:
Technology and Software: Perl, R, Unitex, CorTexT, PHP, XML

This project assembles NLP with Unitex, Sociosemantic analysis with CorTexT Manager and web development.

Results have been presented at the EcoSystem Service EcoSummit in 2016.

Marc Barbier and Karine Siette


This project has been performed for the consortium TempAg (International Sustainable Temperate Agriculture). The international network on sustainable temperate agriculture was established in April 2015. It is an initiative of several countries, supported by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).