Seminar and workshop during the Summer School of PPGCI IBICT UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro – 03/2020

In March 2020, the LabEx SITES post-doctoral researcher, Ale Abdo, traveled to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to organize two trainings on textual analysis and on a new method he developed and integrated at the CorText Infrastructure, as well as to participate in discussions on open and citizen science in Brazil, including the discussion of a partnership with the Brazilian Institute for Information in Science and Technology (IBICT).

The new analysis method, affectionately called SASHIMI, allows the production and study of domain-topic models, an integrated and extensible version of the topic modeling and document clustering methods. Its development has been accompanied by the development of a new design of maps to study corpora, especially in the field of science studies. These maps are interactive and oriented towards easy navigation and systematic reading of all data in all its scales and detailed analysis of the relationships between groups of documents (domains) and groups of words (topics). Furthermore, relationships to metadata groups such as time, space, authors or institutions can also be studied with an additional step that produces domain-chained models. All this is automated and available on the CorText Manager.

Documentation for SASHIMI at Cortext Docs
Presentation and course material (some parts in Portuguese)

Ale Abdo
LISIS – Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Sciences Innovations Sociétés
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Grenoble, June 2020 CM training