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The CorTexT Platform is the digital platform of LISIS Unit and a project launched and sustained by IFRIS and INRAE.
This platform aims at empowering open research and studies in humanities about the dynamic of science, technology, innovation and knowledge production.

After the emergence and generalization of network analysis in many disciplines and its valorization in on-line bibliometric tools and then in many social media infrastructure of digital business, quali-quantitative of data bases and the booming of @datas is creating a new space for research. Designing and engineering solution for the analysis and the visualization of datasets represents a scientific and technological challenge. Moreover, the next step towards digital humanities does not address only a technological gap for social sciences; it also means the development of epistemic bargain between disciplines of social sciences, artificial intelligence and computing sciences since the complexity of research problem is increasing in relation to the profusion of new data.

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Journal Articles

Omena, Janna Joceli; Rabello, Elaine Teixeira; Mintz, André Goes

Digital Methods for Hashtag Engagement Research Journal Article

Social Media + Society, 6 (3), pp. 2056305120940697, 2020.

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Deng, Shengli ; Xia, Sudi ; Hu, Jiming ; Li, Hongxiu ; Liu, Yong

Exploring the topic structure and evolution of associations in information behavior research through co-word analysis Journal Article

Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 2020.

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Rikap, Cecilia

Amazon: A story of accumulation through intellectual rentiership and predation Journal Article

Competition & Change, 2020.

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Macq, Hadrien ; Tancoigne, Élise ; Strasser, Bruno

From Deliberation to Production: Public Participation in Science and Technology Policies of the European Commission (1998–2019) Journal Article

Minerva: A Review of Science, Learning and Policy, 2020.

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132 entries « 2 of 33 »
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