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At Cortext, our goal is to empower researchers in the social sciences and humanities by promoting advanced qualitative-quantitative mixed methods. Our primary focus is on studies about the dynamics of science, technology and innovation, and about the roles of knowledge and expertise in societies.

We understand the move towards digital humanities and computational methods not as addressing a technological gap for the social sciences, but rather as entailing entirely new assemblages between its disciplines and those of modern statistics and computer sciences. We work to tackle ever more complex research problems and deal with the profusion of new and diverse sources of information without losing sight of the situatedness and reflexivity required of studies of human societies.

Cortext is hosted by the LISIS research unit at Gustave Eiffel University, and was launched by French institutes IFRIS and INRAE, receiving their continued support.

Cortext Manager

Cortext Manager dashboard project Cortext Manager is our current main attraction, a publicly available web service providing data analysis methods curated and developed by our team of researchers and engineers.

You upload a textual corpus in order to analyse its discourse, names, categories, citations, places, dates etc, with methods for science/controversy/issue mapping, distant reading, document clustering, geo-spatial and network visualizations, and more.

You can jump straight to Cortext Manager and create an account, but we strongly suggest taking a look at the Documentation and Tutorials as you start your journey.

Latest journal articles employing our instruments

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Mogoutov, Andrei; Cointet, Jean-Philippe; Borra, Erik; Stevenson, Michael; Helmond, Anne; Gerlitz, Carolin; Rogers, Richard; Sanchez, Natalia; Venturini, Tommaso; Severo, Marta; Rieder, Bernhard

The Digital Methods Initiative Summerschool 2012 Online

(DMI), The Digital Methods Initiative (Ed.): 2012, visited: 02.07.2012.

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Demortain, David

Scientists and the Regulation of Risk: Standardising Control Book

Edward Elgar Publishing, Incorporated, 2011, ISBN: 9781849809443.

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Parasie, Sylvain; Cointet, Jean-Philippe; Dagiral, Eric

La presse en ligne au service de la démocratie locale. dans les élections municipales de 2008 Conference

2011, (oai:HAL:hal-00675970v1).

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Tari, Thomas; Caron, Pauline; Breucker, Philippe; Barbier, Marc

Characterising the Localisation of Projects Collaborations in Research Dynamics: methodological requirements and results for new visualisations of heterogeneous networks Conference

2010, (ENID 2010 - Methods and techniques for the exploitation of heterogeneous data sources).

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445 entries « 111 of 112 »
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