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1. Xu, Xin; Hu, Jiming; Lyu, Xiaoguang; He, Huang; Xingyu, Cheng: Exploring the Interdisciplinary Nature of Precision Medicine:Network Analysis and Visualization. In: JMIR Medical Informatics, 2021. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


Journal Articles

2. Deng, Shengli; Xia, Sudi; Hu, Jiming; Li, Hongxiu; Liu, Yong: Exploring the topic structure and evolution of associations in information behavior research through co-word analysis. In: Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 2020. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
3. Lu, Wei; Wang, Jiamin; Hu, Jiming: Analyzing the topic distribution and evolution of foreign relations from parliamentary debates: A framework and case study. In: Information Processing & Management, 55 (3), 2020. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
4. Lyu, Xiaoguang; Hu, Jiming; Dong, Weiguo; Xu, Xin: Intellectual Structure and Evolutionary Trends of Precision Medicine Research: Coword Analysis. In: JMIR Med Inform, 8 (2), pp. e11287, 2020, ISSN: 2291-9694. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


5. Hu, Jiming; Zheng, Xiang: Structure and evolution patterns of contents of Chinese children's bestsellers. iConference 2020 Proceedings iSchools, 2020. (Type: Conference | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


Journal Articles

6. Zhou, Yaolin; Sun, Jingqiong; Hu, Jiming: Intellectual structure and evolution patterns of archival information resource research in China. In: Library Hi Tech, 37 (2), pp. 233-250, 2019. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


Journal Articles

7. Hu, Jiming; Zhang, Yin: Discovering the interdisciplinary nature of Big Data research through social network analysis and visualization. In: Scientometrics, 112 , pp. 91–109, 2017. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )

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