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1. Noël, Marianne: Remaining Central and Interdisciplinary: Conditions for Success of a Research Speciality at the University of Strasbourg (1961-2011). In: Kastenhofer, Karen ; Molyneux-Hodgson, Susan (Ed.): Community and Identity in Contemporary Technosciences, 31 , pp. 41-64, Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2021, ISBN: 978-3-030-61728-8. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


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2. Salazar, Mónica; Rivera-Torres, Sandra Carolina: La RICYT cómo comunidad de práctica: ¿cómo de ha conformado en 25 años?. In: EL ESTADO DE LA CIENCIA Principales Indicadores de Ciencia y Tecnología Iberoamericanos / Interamericanos 2020, pp. 49-56, 2020. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


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3. Kachani, Alexandra Struk: Familles et Trouble du spectre de l'autisme. In: Chapter 2, Dunod, 2019. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


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4.el Jamal, Sarah; Hanafi, Sari: Framing Arab Poverty Knowledge Production: A Socio-bibliometric Study. In: Facing An Unequal World: Challenges for Global Sociology, Chapter 14, pp. 175-194, 2018. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


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5. Bouabid, Hamid; Rossi, Pier Luigi; Gaillard, Jacques: Les partenaires internationaux du Maroc: analyse et cartographie des co-signatures avec les chercheurs étrangers. In: Gaillard, Jacques; Bouabid, Hamid (Ed.): La recherche scientifique au Maroc et son internationalisation, Chapter 3, pp. 67-93, 2017. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
6. Bouabid, Hamid; Mrabet, Radouane: Coopération scientifique et co-publications: le cas de l’Université Mohammed VC Souissi. In: La recherche scientifique au Maroc et son internationalisation, Chapter 7, pp. 181-200, Editions universitaires européennes, 2017. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
7. Cardon, Vincent; Barbier, Marc: The Fragmentation of Plant and Food Biosecurity Research Networks: A Scientometric Analysis. In: Practical Tools for Plant and Food Biosecurity, 8 , pp. 289-308, Springer, 2017. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


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8. Fausto, Sibele; Aventurier, Pascal: Scientific Literature on Twitter as a subject research: findings based on bibliometric analysis. In: Handbook Twitter For Research 2015 – 2016, pp. 242, EMLYON Press, 2016. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
9. Baya-Laffite, Nicolas; Cointet, Jean-Philippe: Mapping Topics in International Climate Negotiations: A Computer-Assisted Semantic Network Approach. In: Innovative Methods in Media and Communication Research, pp. 273-291, Springer, 2016. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
10. Tancoigne, Elise; Randles, Sally; Joly, Pierre-Benoît: Evolution of a concept: a scientometric analysis of RRI. In: Lindner, Ralf; Kuhlmann, Stefan; Randles, Sally; Bedsted, Bjørn; Gorgoni, Guido; Griessler, Erich; Loconto, Allison; Mejlgaard, Niels (Ed.): Navigating Towards Shared Responsibility in Research and Innovation: Approach, Process and Results of the Res-AGorA Project, pp. 40-45, 2016. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


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11. Aventurier, Pascal; Ollivier, Guillaume; de Alencar, Maria Cleofas Faggion; Bellon, Stephane: Estudo cientométrico dos Congressos Brasileiros de Agroecologia. In: Redes de agroecologias : experiênçias no Brasil e na França, pp. 248, 2015. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
12. Chavalarias, David; Cointet, Jean-Philippe; Cornilleau, Lise; Duong, Tan Kiem; Mogoutov, Andrei; Villard, Lionel; Roth, Camille; Thierry, Savy: Thematic Domination of Media Framing. In: Atlas of Knowledge Anyone Can Map, pp. 17, 2015. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


Book Chapters

13. Bourret, Pascale; Keating, Peter; Cambrosio, Alberto: From BRCA to BRCAness: tales of translational research. In: Breast Cancer Gene Research and Medical Practices: Transnational Perspectives in the time of BRCA, pp. 175-193, Routledge, 2014. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )

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