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1. Réchauchère, Olivier; Akkari, Monia EL; Perchec, Sophie Le; Makowski, David; Gabrielle, Benoît; Bispo, Antonio: An Innovative Methodological Framework for Analyzing Existing Scientific Research on Land-Use Change and Associated Environmental Impacts. In: Sustainable Agriculture Reviews, 30 , pp. 1-13, 2018. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
2. Akkari, Monia EL; Sandoval, Mélanie; Perchec, Sophie Le; Réchauchère, Olivier: Textual Analysis of Published Research Articles on the Environmental Impacts of Land-Use Change. In: Sustainable Agriculture Reviews, 30 , pp. 15-38, 2018. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )

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