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Journal Articles

161. Venturini, Tommaso; Baya-Laffite, Nicolas; Cointet, Jean-Philippe; Gray, Ian; Zabban, Vinciane; Pryck, Kari De: Three maps and three misunderstandings: A digital mapping of climate diplomacy. In: Big Data & Society, 1 (2), pp. 1-19, 2014. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
162. Baya-Laffite, Nicolas; Cointet, Jean-Philippe: Cartographier la trajectoire de l'adaptation dans l'espace des négociations sur le climat. Changer d'échelle, red(u)ire la complexité. In: Réseaux, 188 (6), pp. 159-198, 2014. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


163. Barbier, Marc; Cointet, Jean-Philippe: Socio-semantic dynamics for digital humanities: Methodology and epistemology of large textual corpora analysis. 2014. (Type: Conference | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
164. Benbouzid, Bilel: Analyse scientométrique des usages des enquêtes de victimation avec Cortext Manager. Association Internationale des criminologues de langue française, 1 , 2014. (Type: Conference | BibTeX)

Book Chapters

165. Bourret, Pascale; Keating, Peter; Cambrosio, Alberto: From BRCA to BRCAness: tales of translational research. In: Breast Cancer Gene Research and Medical Practices: Transnational Perspectives in the time of BRCA, pp. 175-193, Routledge, 2014. (Type: Book Chapter | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


166. Bourreau, Pierre; Poibeau, Thierry: Mapping the Economic Crisis: Some Preliminary Investigations. In: ACL Language Technologies and Computational Social Science, 2014. (Type: Inproceedings | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
167. Lepinay, Vincent; Mogoutov, Andrei; Cointet, Jean-Philippe; Villard, Lionel: Russian computer scientists, local and abroad: mobility and collaboration. In: Proceedings of the 10th Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia, pp. 18, ACM 2014, (https://doi.org/10.1145/2687233.2687254). (Type: Inproceedings | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
168. Omodei, Elisa; Cointet, Jean-Philippe; Poibeau, Thierry: Mapping the natural language processing domain: Experiments using the acl anthology. In: LREC 2014, the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, pp. 2972-2979, ELRA 2014. (Type: Inproceedings | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
169. Steinfeld, Nili; Lev-On, Azi: Well-done, Mr. Mayor!: Linguistic analysis of municipal facebook pages. In: Proceedings of the 15th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research, pp. 273-279, ACM 2014, (https://doi.org/10.1145/2612733.2612763). (Type: Inproceedings | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
170. Schoen, Antoine; Paradeise, Catherine; Cauchard, Lionel; Noël, Marianne: A double shift in researchers’ activity profiles: an actor-based analysis of the making of quality in high standing academic departments. In: STI 2014 Leiden, “Context Counts: Pathways to Master Big and Little Data”, CWTS 2014. (Type: Inproceedings | Abstract | BibTeX)

PhD Theses

171. Omodei, Elisa: Modeling the socio-semantic dynamics of scientific communities. Ecole normale supérieure-ENS PARIS, 2014. (Type: PhD Thesis | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
172. Levain, Alix-Kathleen: Vivre avec l’algue verte : Médiations, épreuves et signes. Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, 2014. (Type: PhD Thesis | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )

Technical Reports

173. Tancoigne, Elise; Barbier, Marc; Cointet, Jean-Philippe; Richard, Guy: Les services écosystémiques dans la littérature scientifique : démarche d'exploration et résultats d'analyse : Rapport d'étude pour la phase d'exploration du métaprogramme EcoServ. . 2014. (Type: Technical Report | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


Journal Articles

174. Chavalarias, David; Cointet, Jean-Philippe: Phylomemetic patterns in science evolution - the rise and fall of scientific fields. In: PloS one, 8 (2), pp. e54847, 2013. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
175. Keating, Peter; Cambrosio, Alberto; Nelson, Nicole; Mogoutov, Andrei; Cointet, Jean-Philippe: Therapy’s shadow: a short history of the study of resistance to cancer chemotherapy. In: Frontiers in pharmacology, 4 , pp. 58, 2013. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
176. Raimbault, Benjamin; Cointet, Jean-Philippe; Joly, Pierre-Benoît: Caractérisation du processus d’émergence de la biologie synthétique à partir d’une approche scientomiétrique. In: médecine/sciences, 29 , pp. 47-55, 2013. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


177. Massad, D; Omodei, Elisa; Strohecker, Carol; Xu, Yiqun; Garland, Joshua; Zhang, Mengsen; Seoane, Luís F: Unfolding History: Classification and analysis of written history as a complex system. In: Complex Systems Summer School Proceedings, 2013. (Type: Inproceedings | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
178. Bahi-Jaber, Narges; Mogoutov, Andrei; Elmhiri, Ghada; Abdennebi-Najar, Latifa: Animal models and fetal programming: an integrativeliterature approach. In: Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, 8th World Congress on Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, pp. 54-55, 2013. (Type: Inproceedings | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


Journal Articles

179. Parasie, Sylvain; Cointet, Jean-Philippe: La presse en ligne au service de la démocratie locale, une analyse morphologique de forums politiques. In: Revue Française de Science Politique, 62 (1), pp. 45-70, 2012. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
180. Cointet, Jean-Philippe; Mogoutov, Andrei; Bourret, Pascale; Abed, Rim El; Cambrosio, Alberto: Les réseaux de l’expression génique - Émergence et développement d’un domaine clé de la génomique. In: médecine/sciences, 28 , pp. 7–13, 2012. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
181. Parasie, Sylvain; Cointet, Jean-Philippe; O’Mahony, Michael: Online press serving local democracy. In: Revue française de science politique, 62 (1), pp. 45–70, 2012. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )


182. Schoen, Antoine; Villard, Lionel; Laurens, Patricia; Cointet, Jean-Philippe; Heimeriks, Gaston; Alkemade, Floortje: The Network Structure of Technological Developments; Technological Distance as a Walk on the Technology Map. In: 17th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators, pp. 733-742, 2012. (Type: Inproceedings | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
183. Barbier, Marc; Cointet, Jean-Philippe: Reconstruction of Socio-Semantic Dynamics in Sciences-Society Networks: Methodology and Epistemology of large textual corpora analysis. In: Science and Democracy Network, Annual Meeting, 2012. (Type: Inproceedings | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )



184. Demortain, David: Scientists and the Regulation of Risk: Standardising Control. Edward Elgar Publishing, Incorporated, 2011, ISBN: 9781849809443. (Type: Book | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )



185. Tari, Thomas; Barbier, Marc; Breucker, Philippe: Characterising dynamics of new sciences through project collaborations: a project-based scientometrica insight into French bioenergies research. In: 3. European Network of Indicators Designers Conference: STI Indicators for Policymaking and Strategic Decisions. 2010-03-032010-03-05, Paris, FRA, 2010. (Type: Inproceedings | Abstract | BibTeX | Links: )
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